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MG Property Management

Provides the following Information for Rentors, Tenants and Residents

There are several ways to contact us:

  • Call MG Property Management : 303-669-1059
  • Visit: The Office

    Located 5 Blocks North of Colfax
    Metro Brokers office Building
    2009 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite 240
    Lakewood, CO 80214

  • Mailing Address is PO Box 350632
    Lakewood, CO. 80214
  • Phone: 303-669-1059
    Phone: 303-981-5773

EMAIL - for information on all properties
EMAIL - for all maintenance requests

Our office hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


MG Property Managment Management is the company that manages numerous properties and buildings in the Denver Metropolitan Area. We contract with Galbreath and Associates a maintenance, repair, remodeling company that in-turn provides on-call service to all of our buildings and properties. You will see members of Galbreath and Associates or contractors of around the building completing maintenance requests and performing routine maintenance.

Be sure to report problems directly to MG Property Managment Management, as the maintenance staff cannot undertake work without a work order originating from our office. If you report a problem to MG Property Managment Management, a member of Galbreath and Associates will most likely perform the repair. Outside businesses are used when necessary to resolve technically specific issues.

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Residential Building Resident Managers

Resident managers (if applicable) live in the building and are available for after-hours emergencies. (Emergencies are usually defined as fire, flood, water or gas leak.) Please call them (or 911 if appropriate) if you need emergency assistance at night or on weekends. In the event of an extreme noise nuisance for which you require immediate assistance, you may contact the resident manager. Any non-emergency issues should be directed to the management office and will be addressed on the next business day.

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Moving In

Move-in Walkthrough A walkthrough is when you meet with a representative from MG Property Managment Management to complete a checklist of possible pre-existing defects in your apartment. The same list will be used during your move-out walkthrough to determine whether there has been damage which occurred during your lease term. We will try to complete this when you arrive. If we do not complete yours during that time, please call the office shortly after you arrive at (303-) 669-1059 or 303-981-5773 to schedule a walkthrough.


Setting up Utilities

Please set up utility accounts about one week before your lease begins. You will want to ask for service to begin effective the first day of your lease term.

The utilities you need to set up accounts for are:
  • XCEL (electricity and Gas)
  • Century Link (telephone)
  • COMCAST Basic Cable.

  • Water use will be monitored with individual unit or property meters in most all communities

Tenant will be billed three times per year for your pro-rata share. (Unless arrangement are made otherwise).
  • garbage collection often depending on community, Waste Management and BFI are the most popular and are responsibilty of Tenant.
  • Basic cable is usually Comcast. Cable upgrades may be ordered from Comcast.
  • Satellite if available is secured through DISH NETWORK or Direct TV
See below for further information on Cable and Internet.
  • Electricity: Contact XCEL at 1-800-895-1999
  • Gas Emergency or Odor Contact XCEL at 1-800-895-2999
  • Telephone: Contact Century Link 1-800-244-1111

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During Your Residency

Common Maintenance Questions

  • What should I do if I smell gas? Open all windows and doors to allow for maximum ventilation. Make sure oven and burners are completely off. Call PG&E. They will send someone free of charge to check all gas appliances for leaks and re-light extinguished pilot lights.

  • What should I do if my garbage disposal stops working? Make sure disposal is off and unplugged before reaching into drain. Remove loose debris from inside the disposal. Remove hands from disposal and plug unit back in. Under the sink on the bottom side of the disposal unit, there is a red reset button. Press it. Run a slow stream of water and then attempt to restart disposal. If this does not work, call MG Property Managment Management for maintenance assistance. Please note: If maintenance staff finds that the disposal was damaged due to the presence of inappropriate objects (e.g., silverware, coins, etc.) the repair will be billed to the resident.
  • My electrical outlet doesn't work. What do I do? A GFCI is a red "reset" button found on electrical outlets in rooms with water sources (such as kitchens and bathrooms). If there is a power overload, the button will pop out and disconnect the power to that outlet as well as all others in the room. In order to restore power, simply press the black "test" button and then the red "reset" button. If this does not work, please see below. If that does not work, please contact us.

  • I lost power in a certain area in my apartment. What do I do? Each apartment has its own circuit breaker behind an access panel usually located either in the hallway or one of the bedrooms. The various areas are labeled. If you have lost power to a certain area in your unit, you can flip the switch for that area off and back on (or simply on, if it had been switched off). If this does not work, please notify us right away and we will send a maintenance worker to repair the problem.

  • Will MG Property Managment Management replace light bulbs? Residents are responsible for replacing light bulbs as they burn out. Simply unscrew the old bulb and take it to any hardware store to locate a replacement of the correct size. The exception to this is the ceiling fan light bulbs. If these burn out let us know and we will replace them since replacements are very difficult to locate.

  • My toilet is stopped-up. What do I do? In the event of a toilet stoppage, please use a plunger. Residents will be billed if our maintenance staff is called in to unclog the toilet or if a professional rooter service is required.

  • What should I do if my drain is clogged? These methods are commonly used to open up a clogged drain: Plunger - Be sure the plunger's suction cup is large enough to cover the drain opening. Fill the clogged basin with enough water to cover the plunger cup. Use wet rags to block any outlets (such as a sink overflow) and create a vacuum. Plunge with 15 to 20 strong strokes once you have a tight seal. Chemicals - Don't use chemicals! These chemicals will burn your skin. If they sit in a stagnant drain, you'll have to find a way to remove both the chemicals and the blockage. Chemicals can also damage metal pipes!

  • My toilet/sink is overflowing. What do I do? In the event of a toilet overflow or other leak, find the shutoff valve at the base of the toilet or under the sink, and turn the water off at the source. Call the office or resident manager immediately to report leaks.

  • My tub is draining slowly or not at all. What do I do? Prevent tub drain clogs by using a hair catcher. These are available at any hardware store. If maintenance assistance is required, residents will be billed to unclog the drain.

Maintenance Requests Maintenance requests are collected and dispatched to our maintenance crew, Galbreath and Associates and other vendors as needed. They are completed in order of urgency, and are usually resolved within five business days. We will inform you if your particular problem requires additional time. Once a request is made, it is assumed that you have given permission for our crew to enter your unit shortly thereafter to complete the repair. Please note that our maintenance staff cannot undertake any work without a work order originating from our office.

If you would like to report a maintenance problem with your unit or the building, do one of the following:

Subletting Your lease states that subletting is not allowed without prior written consent. Please be sure that your guests do not stay past seven consecutive days in a year. Guests found past this amount of time will be considered additional residents or subletters. Serious violations of the lease agreement such as this are grounds for lease termination.

Keys Each resident on the lease will be provided with three keys (building entrance, apartment front door, and mailbox). If an apartment key is lost or stolen, the resident will be responsible for covering the cost of re-keying the apartment and furnishing sufficient copies of the key (one for each resident and one for the management office). If a front door or mail key is lost or stolen, replacements can be purchased from the management office for $25 (twenty-five dollars) each.

Lockouts: If you leave your keys inside your apartment, please call a roommate to let you in. If this is not an option, the resident manager will be able to let in residents who are on the lease (once a photo ID is shown) for a $50 fee, payable at the time of service.

Security / Safety Tips Multi Unit Building doors should be locked at all times. Residents enter the building with keys, guests may use a call box by the front door to call residents and be "buzzed" in. The garage door or gates should be closed at all times unless opened by a resident renting a space. The doors leading to the lobby from the garage are locked as well (the key to enter the building from the garage is the same as the front door key).

Although we have taken measures to improve the safety of our residents, no system is foolproof, so please keep in mind these general safety tips. Everyone plays a role in maintaining the security of the premises.

  • Get to know your neighbors so you may be aware of the presence of strangers who do not belong in the building.
  • Take care to protect your safety and the safety of your neighbors by not letting people in behind you as you enter the building unless you know that they live there.
  • Walk with a companion, especially at night.
  • If you are traveling alone, take advantage of any escort service provided.
  • Call 911 to report a crime in progress and call your city and or community Police Department's non-emergency number, to report suspicious persons or behavior.

Quiet Enjoyment One of the things our residents like most about our buildings is the fact that they are very well maintained, clean, and quiet. Please take care to respect your neighbors by making sure that your guests are aware of our house rules (listed in your lease agreement), and that you take care to keep music to a reasonable volume and bass at an absolute minimum, especially after hours. (Bass vibrates from room to room much more easily than sound.) Quiet hours of the building are 10 pm to 8 am.

Renter's Insurance While it is not required, it is recommended that tenants acquire a renter's insurance policy to protect personal property in case of disaster or theft. Our building has insurance for disasters, but it applies only to the physical building, not to personal belongings. In case of fire, earthquake, water leaks or theft, to name a few examples, your property is not protected unless you have a renter's insurance policy. Ask your insurance agent for details.

Smoke Detectors When you move in, we will check all of your smoke detectors with you and note their condition on the walkthrough form. If any problems are observed, they will be resolved immediately. You are responsible for testing your detectors monthly and replacing batteries as necessary. Tampering with smoke detectors so as to render them useless is not only unsafe for you and your neighbors but also a crime. Periodically a technician from Sentry Alert, our alarm company, will come out and test the system. If the building-wide alarm is triggered, please exit the building and wait at a safe distance identified by the firefighters.

Telephone Jacks / Wiring Each unit is wired so that the top phone jack in each room is the same phone number (this is the first one to be activated). The lower jacks in each room are each wired as separate numbers to allow for maximum flexibility in phone choices. Please do not rewire these lines.

Bicycles and Motorcycles These vehicles are not to be stored in an inappropriate manner. Be sure to lock your bicycle and motorcycles securely (lock the frame and at least one tire with a secure lock). Bicycles may be freestanding on decks and patios. Motorcycles should be kept in garages, on ground level patios or porches, or on the steet

Be careful of any liquid leaking and clean up any.

Parking Many residential communities have steet parking available only for residents of properties. A permit may have to be secured from the community parking enforcement authority.

Garage - Attached and Detached

Only tenants or rentors may park in the garages.

If there is a parking garage or structure
Only residents and tenants may rent spaces and park in the garages. Be sure to park in assigned spaces only. All others may be towed or wheel booted. The charge to unboot is $100. The towing companies we use are Wyatt's Towing 5300 Brighton Blvd: (303) 777-2448 and Maxx Auto Revovery: (303) 295-6353.

Garbage The main garbage and recycling bins are provided on a neighborhood and comunity basis by numerous vendors. For trash and recycle collection call and set up an account for your area. Please do not place garbage anywhere else or leave in yards except in appropriate collecton bins. If our property management staff or other residents observe garbage in and around common areas from residents or tenants left and unsecured in bins a $50 charge will be assessed the resident responsible.

Laundry Rooms There may be laundry rooms in multi unit buildings. The machines are coin-operated. Please help ensure the cleanliness and accessibility of the laundry room by picking up after using the machines, and by removing all of your belongings when you are done.

Common Areas Numerous properites have common areas, and courtyards, often landscaped and unlandscaped. Many of these areas feature gorgeous views. These areas close at 10:00 pm as sound echoes around the buildings and may disturb sleeping residents. Please be sure to clean up after yourself and your guests so these areas remain pleasant for all residents to enjoy.

Simple observation and use tips for your appliances

Appliances We have included some information on the specific appliances that can be found in your Unit residence, apartment, condo, or single family home. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions you may have about operating them.

  • Dishwasher - The most common requests for dishwasher repairs are due to paper, food, new dish labels, broken glass, etc. collecting in the dishwasher's drain that prevent it from draining properly. This can cause water to pool in the base of the machine and leak from the sides. You can prevent this by periodically checking the drain on the bottom of the machine and clearing it of debris. Also, be sure to peel labels off of new dishware before placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Refrigerator - If the light bulb burns out, unscrew it and bring it to any hardware store to find an identical replacement.
  • Stove - Each property has a stove. Some are Gas and Some are electric. Basic instructions are as follows:
  • Before lighting a burner, make sure all grates are in place.
  • Push knob in. After burner ignites, turn the knob counter-clockwise without releasing to adjust flame size. Then release the knob.
  • For your safety, flame should not extend beyond the sides of the pan.
  • When you are finished cooking, make sure burners are turned completely off and that no gas is leaking.
  • Open your oven door to confirm nothing is stored in oven or broiler cavities and set rack to proper height.
  • Push oven knob in and turn counter-clockwise to the desired temperature. Observe that the oven burner is lit. After 10 seconds, release the knob.
  • Remember that as heat rises, the top of the oven will always be hotter than the bottom.
  • After cooking time elapses, remove food and turn oven knob to OFF position.

  • Garbage Disposer - The most common request for a not working disposer when switched ON, is a reset button located on disposer unit usually at the bottom needs to be pushed in.
  • There usually is a jam inside of the disposer causing the wheel and blades and motor to not operate.

To relieve the jam:

  • First unplug the disposer unit.
  • Make sure the disposer switch on wall is OFF
  • With a pair of tongs or long wooden spoons see if you can extract any debris in the sink disposer opening
  • After extracting any items (if any) use wooden stick or spoon to turn inside rotating wheel and blades to move freely
  • If it does not move and free the jam, call for maintenance.



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